Measuring Your Tree

We will always try and help but be sure to check your ceilings before you come!
Pick your Spot

First things first, decide where your tree will go. The ideal spot is a corner away from direct heat and safe from excited toddlers, tail-wagging pets and merry adults.

Consider if you will be using mains powered fairy lights and accessibility to a plug socket. Aim to pick a spot that everyone sees frequently, so you get the most out of your tree.

With this in mind, you will be able to tell what size tree you will need and the best species to choose.

Measure the Space

Next is to consider the size and shape of the lucky selected space. Obviously, you shouldn’t buy a tree the same height as your room, it should always be shorter!

Remember the extras you will need for displaying and decorating your tree - additional height added by a tree topper, tree stand and the base or table you are using (if any).

Don’t forget to think about floor space - If your selected spot is limited in space and quite narrow, then opt for a more slender tree such as Fraser Fir or Serbian Spruce; if you have plenty of room or really want your tree to be the centre piece of the festivities, then the popular Nordman Fir or traditional Norway Spruce are perfect.

TOP TIP - When you head to the shop – take a tape measure. Heights should be clearly marked in the retail area and by our labels but it can be difficult to judge the width, therefore your tape measure will come in handy!

Know your Trees

Once you know the size and shape of your space, it always helps to know which variety of tree will be best for your home.